This post looks at systems level innovations, details the teacher training program, and dives into the collaboration networks that are paramount to…
An inspiring week filled with meetings, workshops, school visits, wining and dining, and a premier education conference!
This post examines the purpose of education, the skills required for the future, and the Finnish innovations preparing students for an ever-changing…
Emotions and experiences during the initial days of the journey.
My case for and theory of change, not just in education, but in life. [12 min read]
The small city has recently become a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. I got to meet with various organizations in its universities key to this…
This blog series explores why I’ve chosen to live, train, and work at a monastery, and its broader connections to human development, wellbeing…
Overdue thoughts on Danish culture, welfare, happiness, education, and the future of learning.
This post looks at the nuances behind a fellowship project investigating how we might redesign education to allow all students to thrive and change the…
Updates on my life and work, recorded and written musings on unreasonable joy and life purpose, and photos of my recent escapades.