The Short Version

The blog explores how we might transform education, make sense of the crises we face, and unlock humanity’s capacity to flourish and serve all life.

More about Myself and this Blog

My soul’s work is about advancing education that enables all people to contribute and thrive. I believe that this is an urgent collective need as the greatest threats we face are educational in nature. These increasingly complex social and ecological problems are caused by humans, and thus need to be resolved by evolving our capacity to perceive, think, feel, and act — otherwise we’ll keep on destroying the planet and our own wellbeing. This suggests that systems change is about humanity's inner change, which at scale is dependent on (re)designing and spreading better approaches to education.

I currently spend my time residing, training, and working at the Monastic Academy - an educational center that blends ancient contemplative practice with contemporary psychological, social, and leadership development. More broadly, my research, learning design, and teaching focus on transformations in education, and the cultivation of mindfulness, social emotional learning, purpose, leadership, and systems change. I am also a Certified Teacher with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, and a member of Transcend Education's Design Community, HundrED's Ambassador program, and Hamilton's Advise, Learn, EXperience (ALEX) Advisory Committee.

Prior to my work at the Monastic Academy and SIYLI, I was awarded a post-graduate fellowship to investigate exemplary learning environments around the world. I visited schools, accelerators, and education ministries in the Nordics, participated in teacher trainings, meditation retreats, and education conferences in Asia, and immersed himself in leadership academies, NGOs, and intentional communities across Africa. This journey enabled me to develop a philosophy of education grounded in science, wisdom, and best practice, and a deeper understanding of how people can flourish and contribute to a more peaceful world.